Directed and organized by Indeks, The Inhabitants is a series of programs that aims to revisit, rethink, and question the practice of art residency programs through various approaches.


In Texts

A reading group dissects essays of residency programs as a way to “activate” archives and other written records.


Adopt a Project

Usually, artists browse through opportunities through web portals, such as On-the-Move, Transartist, Fully Funded Residencies, and so on. In this experiment, we compiled a list of art projects by selected artists that are available to be “adopted” by art residency organizers, as a means to reverse the selection and registration process. 


To read the artist guideline for our Adopt a Project call in December 2020, please access through this link:

English Guideline

Japanese Guideline


To adopt a project, or if you’d like to be introduced to the participating artists, or any other inquiries, please send us an email to programs[at]indeks-id[dot]org.



Indeks Team:

Dian Arumningtyas

Rizki Lazuardi

Dike Trivinggar


Web Developer:

Rizal Nugraha Ramadhan


Japanese Translation, Editing:

Talitha Alysia



The Inhabitants: Adopt a Project is supported by The Japan Foundation Asia Center.