After Relationship

Susilo Nofriadi

About the Project

Human relationships always form a unique pattern to be investigated more deeply. Human relationships are formed in the womb, when humans are born, they will form their first relationship with the family. This relationship with this family will later become the basis or guide for children to build relationships with other people and influence how to behave in the future.

This learning process continues when the child starts to dare to leave the house, he will begin to build relationships with objects and the natural surroundings, including other humans in the environment. As children get older, they will develop more complicated relationships with other humans. This relationship will later be classified as "dating".

Dating in general is a unique phenomenon because this relationship is formed by a trend that builds an agreement between two people. But with the development of the era of relationship, there is not just dating because according to young people dating in general is quite torturous and heartbreaking. Dating in general will form an obsessive pattern because they tend to have someone who is too big, so this pattern starts to be discussed a lot by young people.

Then came another relationship pattern such as FWB (friend with benefit), this relationship pattern focuses only on sexual needs or creates a temporary feeling of security without being tied to any commitment. Then there is also an open relationship dating pattern, which is a relationship that is like dating, but each partner is free to do anything and relate to anyone if they do not build commitment with other people. And there are many other relationship patterns, for example ta'aruf on Islam and there are still some, but in this project, I only focus on dating in general, FWB, and open relationships.

This project is important because the relationship between people or more specifically, I discuss dating, which influences the personality development and mindset of young people. Because dating can make someone become isolated in the world of friendship or hanging out. This project can be based online or offline because what I am aiming at is collecting data about the patterns of youth relationships so that it will make several video interviews, sound archives, and also writing which will later be made into a visual work or will only display archives.

Because this is an experimental project, I will not rule out any possibilities or ideas if this project is running. Therefore, I am not sure what this project will be like because I will only start and try to find the possibilities that will occur when this project lasts for about 3 months.

An example that I will do is open consultation offline and online about the problems of youth love relationships. Then the process of confiding in this will become a raw material that returns will be in the form of visual, audio or text. From the data I have obtained, speculation about future relationships will emerge.

Artist's Profile

Susilo Nofriadi was introduced to the artistic practice when he enrolled to a university in Bandung, 2016. Susilo experiments various methods, mostly around photography. His works tends to explore feelings, intimacy, personal narratives, and experiences to be exposed to the public. Other aspects that influenced his works are motherhood and how he was raised to perceive things through his feelings, rather than the societal norms.