Can We Take Hold of Water

Midori Haguri

About the Project

Water is the source of life and has sometimes ruthlessly killed mankind.

My hometown has long been a flooded area. People drain water from rivers into fields and grow crops, and the other hand building stone embankments. When the river overflows, break some of it to release the power of the stream, they lived while incorporating various ideas such as attaching a ship to the roof for allow immediate evacuation. They knew the abundance of water as well as its horror. Today, levees have changed from stone to concrete, dams have been installed and floods have been significantly reduced. No more houses have ships on their roof. Could this say that people have controlled nature and overcame disasters? The infrastructure that underpins our lives is hidden from our real lives; we cannot see any systems of it. I am afraid of if people have misunderstood the river has never flooding, the mountains have never collapsing, and also electricity and gas are always available without problems.

I am interested in the extreme personalities of nature. And I want to express both sides.

I have depicted a lot of about water's work, but it's always put on a small canvas. This time, I would like to depict a work on the theme of water flow that I researched locally on a longer support.

I would like to research the surrounding environment of rivers, the sea, or both. When I do research, it helps making my works to listen to the stories of the locals about the river and the sea. and I would like to use water for my painting that I will pick up it from the local river. 


Artist's Profile

Graduated from the Department of Oil Painting at Musashino Art University, Midori Haguri works with bright colors that portray her thoughts and feelings of things. Aside from exhibiting her works in Japan, Haguri has also participated in various group shows in Korea, Taiwan, and China.