Sense of Place

Kanako Tada

I do not think of myself as that type of artist: multi tasking, globalist, internationalist, and urbanized animal. In an opposite way, currently I am stuck in a bicultural tank station because of temporary reintroduction of border control. I face a bunch of limitations in my everyday life. I am grumpy enough to dislike mistranslation collectivity terms. It is flooded with catachresis among art politics. While I am producing work, I skip meals, social stuff. Clock timeline is into the distance. Newspapers only used to wipe off colors on my brushes. However, my existence embodies the spot where two types of artists meet: nomadic artists and studio-based artists. Sense of Place, this essay would support artists and also readers who live through the recent intricacy shape of our structure. 


When artists have studied one standard, they sooner are trying to grab the other idiom. Such an impetuous trend comes from a new social order and eager for becoming the productiveness. Sarcastically, their intellect requirement was overused under the fair market. Is the COVID-19 pandemic only a hindrance for our freedom of mobility? Moreover, it reveals the fragility of our system. The poor image of creativeness and result-oriented competitions are in a heap. I supposed you might have felt that your community or their community perceived a direct impact. To-ing and fro-ing were a facile option in our, or your society. Artist’s freedom, mobility is harnessed to their economical condition. Individual passports should be brought with for every needy-Checkpoint as well. Hostile heritage consists of butterfly effect. Even so, they need an opportunity to learn the necessity of gaining the trans-ability.


Idea is stolen. Name is covered. Why do abundant districts make more citizens to become thieves than area B people themselves? Which artist could avoid the ‘miss the boat’? Do losers enjoy being silent? My answer is NO. I think artists need a Model to watch over the whole process of growing promise. It is the better option than having a fetish; collect medals i.e., hastily results were made by act of proposing. My new idea is not only my hope. Rather, no one must grieve our liberation. Feminism and the secret of lexicography are honorary bastards in the fictional nation. This radical buddy defeats the dealers who treat the valuing of our problem. ‘Mobility’ is not an alternative word for flexibility. ‘Materiality’ which means the pavement where all the artists follow. Voices opened up.     


Artists are street-smarts than who personified practical applications. Thus, ‘department of Art’ is not a proper designation. From where to until where, artists were being hectic to hang up proper nouns name tags onto the myopia bugs inside campuses. Dictionaries will tell them that all artists come to be anthropologist: in their common/unusual area. Artists must have their own artist-run spaces where against the use of every archaic grammar of the exhibit. Besides, make good synergy for friends who undiscovered yet. Then, be respectful to tiny labors. Just ignore the people who calculate any manpower in a twenty-first-century method: Chaplin’s Modern Times alike. All artists or people who work related to art, they try to be independent listeners. That is the only way to awake actual Insight among the friendship. Indeed, every initiative is the emergence of the special. Artists need scaffoldings to keep encouraging their audaciously developments. Artists have the potential to memorize history because they are talkative. Even if their movements seem just like oscillating between the studio’s front door and the edge of the window. And also artists are not holy fools, namely Culture is still alive. 


Here is no allusion, as far as I could. Writing the truth. Broke speech bubbles and depict the conflict at least in two languages. Artists’ identity has a strong connection with the medium of communication. Their future travels regard as new stories about artistic acceptance. They could kick self-censorship out from the entire World. When they accomplish one thing, the rest of the work can easily be done. All actions explore the possibility of a place where we can reach with the untraceable vehicle. 

©Kanako Tada

Kanako Tada is an artist. 

Her lens is focused to the moment of genre itself as it becomes the subject matter. She works with her interests: history of painting, craftsmanship within high-art, and representations of pattern and materiality. Her works have been exhibited at Parallax Trading, curated by Miwa Negoro, das weisse haus, Vienna and various exhibitions. Tada is currently on a grant from the Pola Art Foundation. She holds an MA from Musashino Art University, Tokyo, and is enrolled in Contextual Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna.