Matching-Research Residency

Kentaro Yokouchi

About the Project

The general idea of this proposal is to match artists from different places to form a collaborative unit--by helping each other’s research based on mutual interests, exchanging information and unexpected encounters, as well as developing artworks.

The research skills and understanding of the person who is familiar with the culture and language of the matched partner will provide realistic information and meaningful dialogue. At the same time, through the research work required from them, they will be able to deepen their understanding of the culture to which they belong, as well as learn about the new values, ways of thinking, and production methods of their counterparts.

Upside: The artist will work as a coordinator, eliminating the need for specific administrative staff and space.

Downside: At least, expect difficulty in the matching process, and stress in research and communication.

The most crucial things in residency programs are:

  • How can we make new encounters (unpredictable experiences)?

  • Climate, landscape, architecture, people, food, history, society, economic — things based on localities, and then the artist automatically influenced by them.

But what we could still have on the virtual/online encounter are:

  • Communication (talk, smile, laugh)

  • Producing work through each other’s research

  • Exchange knowledge and reality, including the story behind it

Persons who are interested in the project learn from each other and help each other's experience this project. I need to hear from people who lived and belonged there who is familiar with the context and localities, rather than superficial understanding and relationships formed within a short period of residing.

Implementation Plan

First step: Presentation (talk about a recent project, explain more detail of research)

  • share cooking recipe, eat together.

Second step: Research

  • starting research #1

  • making report #1

  • share report #1 and feedback, discussion.  (show around the real place, if possible)

  • starting research #2

  • making report #2

  • share report #2 and feedback, discussion.

Third step: Open studio (showing the artwork process) ・starting research #3

  • making report #3

  • share report #3 and feedback, discussion.

Final step: Sharing artworks results.

Artist's Profile

Since 2005, Kentaro Yokouchi has been painting with color dye and satin cloth. In 2007 he received Ph.D. (painting) Doctoral dissertation "Painting as Transformation", and also in 2008 received a VOCA (Vision of Contemporary of Art) award in Japan. Since 2011, he has been researching and producing the history of painting with criticism based on the concept of "cultural grafting". In 2014, he has been abroad in Yogyakarta and Indonesia with a grant from the POLA Art Foundation. After that, he launched the Artist Support Project (ASP) in 2015 and is currently engaged in making artwork, exhibition planning and management, and international exchange activities.