Name of a Character

Yuri Miauchi

About the Project

Investigate the history of the land environment in Bandung, from reclamation to development. Imagine the existence of women who have been treated as shadows of history in response to the historical descriptions and name records of male dominance that have stood on the front stage. Furthermore, we will create a new fictitious character that makes us think that it really existed. By mixing actual historical facts with their characters, it ironically highlights the issue of gender differences and imbalances.

The story is easy to remember and generally disseminate. The text of the story is published online so that anyone can refer to it or divert it. At the same time, the artist herself will express the story with a video and sound installation and exhibit it at the venue in Bandung (considering the situation of COVID-19). After that, the installation will be re-exhibited in Koganecho, Yokohama.

There are two things that can be expected from this project. The first is the creation of a new story based on historical facts, and the second is an installation exhibition that expresses it. The first is to publish online, while the second is to publish offline, which has different advantages. The first advantage is that the story can be freely copied and pasted by the general public for use in their creations. It means allowing viewers to use the story or character in their respective ways. The second is an installation with video and sound, so it provides an "aesthetic of experience". It still appeals to human skin sensibility and can only be enjoyed offline.

This means that in the process of research, even if the artist herself is not in the field, she can ask a local collaborator to conduct a survey, so even if she is not resident, she can proceed with half of the production. However, the inspiration given to the artist by the local experience of the source is particularly important, so it is preferable that the artist goes to the location if it is possible. The stories that are created in this way connect the past and the present, and while being fiction, can present the problems we face today.

In this project, we will publish the text of the story based on historical facts. It has the appearance of a traditional story as if it had been around for a long time and can be freely referenced and used by others who have viewed it. The fiction story based on history has the power to permeate people and change stereotypes. This can obscure and ask again what the original work is, what is the copyright of the artist, what is controllable, and what is the end.

Implementation Plan

This project takes 3 months in Indonesia and online (plus extra 2 weeks in Japan).

1) Publish the outline of the project at the initial stage.

2) The state of research will be published at any time.

3) If it is decided that the installation exhibition in Indonesia is feasible, the whole story created will be released.

4) Installation.

5) The exhibition will be made public in Indonesia.

6) Arrange a return-exhibition in Japan.

7) The exhibition will also be open for public in Japan.

Artist's Profile

Yuri Miauchi is a Japanese artist whose works explores materiality, historical fiction, and personal narratives. She has been organizing solo exhibition, participating various group exhibitions and performances across Japan, as well as Sofia, Bulgaria and London, UK. Aside from that, Yuri had organized curatorial projects at ARTZONE, Kyoto, and a virtual exhibition “ROADSIDE PICNIC” through Koganecho Air Website. Currently Yuri lives and works in Yokohama, Japan.