Sense of Greatness #5: City Ensemble

Angga Cipta

About the Project

The noise of the city of Jakarta becomes daily consumption: morning, afternoon, and night. Each area in Jakarta has its sound characteristic. These sounds are also attached to the city monuments, whether they are official city markers or not. The city is an orchestra between the landscape that becomes an arena, the mobility of people, and the machines that drive the city.

Sound is the next component that this "Sense of Greatness" project will explore. The ins and outs of noise will become an interaction represented by a city sign which is also characteristic of each enclave of residential, business, public space, and other entities. Continuing the 4th project, Spatial Fantasy--which interacts with the customized building of a residential area, this 5th project also focuses on customizing sounds. The sounds will appear from the city sign buildings that function as a button and potentiometer designed as a miniature city disguising as a customized midi controller.

In the following month, this project will focus on creating a miniature city design at the bottom of which is a midi controller that produces recorded sounds in public spaces. The size of this miniature is around 60x60 cm. The top is a miniature whose layout synchronizes with a series of midi electronic circuits below. The second month is the stage of creating electronic circuits and recording sounds in public spaces such as terminals, highways, commuter line stations, business areas, government buildings, upscale residential areas, slums, etc. The 3rd month is the installation stage of modular controllers and miniature models. Previously recorded sounds will be installed on the modular controller.

The final presentation of this work is the interaction between the audience as the conductor of the city ensemble by operating the customized midi controller in the shape of a miniature city model. The ideal space should be 5x5 m in size equipped with a stereo system.

The making of this work requires the help of collaborators, such as electronic technicians and miniature artists. Support in the financial form to develop these modular electronic devices and manufacture miniatures. The estimated fund required is Rp. 10,000,000 to pay the two collaborators for a month. According to the regional standard, the monthly salary is around Rp. 5,000,000.

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Artist's Profile

Angga Cipta (b. 1988) is visual artist based in Jakarta. His works are characterized by the image of citizens' mobility, the turbulence between urban plan and explosion in the number of vehicles, and gestures that specify the characteristic of a city in a search for new methods to ‘read the city’. Now he focuses on the history of urban planning and the development of Jakarta through the times. Angga is a part of ruangrupa Artlab & Cut n Rescue, he has participated in several art residencies program in Singapore, Yogyakarta, Stockholm, Colombo, Arnhem, Semarang, and Taipei.